May 11 2013

Formula One 2013: Circuit de Catalunya Qualifying

Three week break my ass, I hate writing about sports.

Following Formula One means going to bed late and getting up early,  No big deal for a junky, but my fundamental indifference rears its ugly head.

We will be running Hards and Mediums and during practice teams have been coerced by bribes and sportsmanship to test replacements for the failed Softs and Super Softs which throw chunks of rubber on pit lane.  Compounds have reverted to 2012 since 2013 is a huge fail so far.

Speaking of fail, commentators are pimping Williams and prominently ignoring McLaren.  Williams has been mired in last place forever and McLaren is wasting pots of money on a chassis that will be junked next year when they switch to blown 6es.

Why talk about Red Bull, Lotus, Ferarri, or Mercedes when you can obsess about the also rans and Danica?

Of course the casual slap dash coverage is because the sporting press is swimming in saliva about Monaco which is hardly a race but more an exposure of what Formula One is really about-


Of course any failure by Mercedes is due to rear camber stiffness.

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