Oct 01 2013

2013 Junior League Play-In Game: Rays @ Rangers

The year is spinning out of control.  It’s not even the end of September yet and we have playoff Baseball.

Or play-in, but who’s counting?

Tonight’s matchup is the Tampa Bay Rays at the Texas Rangers who finished with identical 91 – 71 records.  The Rays closed the season with 7 wins including 7 – 6 over the Jays Sunday.  They’ll be starting David Price (9 – 8, 3.39 ERA L) who is 1 – 2 with a 10.26 ERA at Arlington.

Team W (for steroids) will start rookie Martin Perez (10 – 5, 3.55 ERA L) who has been doing better than average down the stretch.  The question for them is whether their big bat, Nelson Cruz who is finishing up a 50 game steroid suspension.  He hasn’t played since August 4th at which time he had 27 HR and 76 RBI.  Cruz is .429 v. Price, 9 for 12 with 3 HR.

As I’ve said many times, unless you’re extremely lucky, playoff Baseball is not about who you like.  No, it’s about who you hate and in most cases who you hate less.  Perhaps it will help you decide if I tell you the inoffensive Rays are an expansion team from 1999 and have hardly had any time to develop serious rivalries.  They have 3 post season appearances, losing twice to Team W (for steroids).

Team W (for steroids) on the other hand, in addition to rampant drug abuse (Clemens, Pettite), have the misfortune of scorching your eyes with picures of W himself throwing out ceremonial first pitches and him and killer Laura sitting in the stands.

Not that magical thinking works, but I think you know what to do now.

The winner advances to face the hapless Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field in your “normal” one game Sudden Death Wild Card on Wednestday.  Game time is 8:05 pm ET.


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  29. TMC
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  31. TMC
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  33. TMC

    Frasor pitching. De.Jennings flied out to left fielder Gentry. W.Myers walked on a full count. Zobrist flied out to center fielder L.Martin. Longoria walked on a full count, W.Myers to second. Soria pitching. D.Young lined out to center fielder L.Martin.

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  37. TMC

    Rangers seventh. Fuld in as center fielder. N.Cruz struck out. Moreland grounded out, second baseman Zobrist to first baseman Loney. Gentry flied out to center fielder Fuld.

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  42. TMC

    Cotts pitching. DeJesus grounded out, second baseman Kinsler to first baseman Moreland. Loney struck out. Y.Escobar walked on a full count. J.Molina grounded out, pitcher Cotts to first baseman Moreland.

  43. ek hornbeck
  44. ek hornbeck
  45. TMC

    Pitcher Price to first baseman Loney, Kinsler to third.

  46. TMC

    Rangers eighth. Kinsler doubled to left. Andrus was out bunting, pitcher Price to first baseman Loney, Kinsler to third. Rios grounded out, shortstop Y.Escobar to first baseman Loney.

  47. TMC
  48. TMC
  49. TMC

    W.Myers grounded out, third baseman A.Beltre to first baseman Moreland, Fuld to second.

  50. TMC

    Fuld stole third. On error on by Scheppers, Fuld scored. Zobrist struck out.

  51. TMC
  52. TMC

    They advance to the American League wild card game against the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland on Wednesday night

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