2013 Senior League Championship: Dodgers @ Cardinals Game 1

Squirrels!  Squirrels!

Not to get you all distracted, but we also have Suzuka tonight @ 1 am ET (yes, this is another edition of it sucks to be me).

Anyway, back to Baseball, the real thing, not just a game of Rounders where weenie Pitchers get to sit on the bench while geezers too old to throw, run, or field suck down a bajillion bucks based on reputation alone.

At least I get around the bases pretty good considering my 120+ years.  It’s because I’m a dancer.

Why do I favor the Cardinals?  The Dodgers are traitors to Brooklyn and opened the floodgates of fungible franchises that extort money from municipalities in Stadium subsidies that promise minimum wages and fail to deliver even that.

Fuck you.  A professional sporting franchise is not a business, it’s a billionaire ego trip and if you’re not willing to pay what it takes to win don’t come complaining to the taxpayer or the League about the size of your market and the unfairness of it all.

Whiny Ass Titty Baby.

So the LaLas send up Zack Greinke (15 – 4, 2.63 ERA R) against Joe Kelly of the Cards (10 – 5, 2.69 ERA R).  It looks like a boring Pitcher’s duel on paper and goodness knows I could use one.


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