Feb 24 2014

Wanted: Trojan With Soul

(2 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Interested in working for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

Then visit us online next Wednesday, Feb. 26, during the Intelligence Community Virtual Career Fair.

We’ll have recruiters and other experts available to chat while you visit virtual booths, watch presentations and network live with other job seekers.

To learn more or register today to reserve your spot visit: www.icvirtualfair.com

Heads up! Are YOU a real geek?

A computer wizard (whizzerd?) who can make the machine dance to your own tune with a couple of keystrokes while giving Clapper a stroke?

Have a winning smile and the ability to seduce a government HR hiring manager in seconds flat? Do you have a pocket full of thumb drives?

Have you been writing trojans but secretly always wanted to BE a trojan?

Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

This Wednesday Feb. 26 James Clappers Office of the Director of National Intelligence will hold an Intelligence Community Virtual Career Fair!

Are YOU the next Ed Snowden?

Go for it! Reserve your page in history!

Ruin Clappers day while making him pay you to do it, and have fun too!

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