Nov 24 2014

TBC: Morning Musing 11.24.14

I have some lighter fare for you all this morning:

Don’t rake your leaves, scientists say

Here’s an excuse to use the next time someone asks you to rake the leaves: Science.

The National Wildlife Federation is encouraging people to leave the leaves.


Watch A Snowflake Form Before Your Eyes!

Snowflakes are often said to be completely unique; every fluffy flurry that has fallen to the ground does not have an identical companion. While that might be a tough one to prove experimentally, there is a high level of variation from one snowflake to the next, due to the sensitive nature of their formation. While it’s theoretically possible to have identical twin snowflakes, it is extremely unlikely.


Filmmaker Vyacheslav Ivanov has created an amazing time-lapse film of the formation of snowflakes. The two-minute-long video is called Snowtime and is pretty much mesmerizing.

A New York Artist Turned Her 170-Year-Old Farmhouse Into A Rainbow Playground

If you happen to be walking through the woods in High Falls, New York and stumble upon a sizable, candy-colored house, don’t fret. You are not hallucinating, nor have you walked into a terrifying, Hansel and Gretel-like situation. You’ve found artist Kat O’Sullivan’s abode, a 19th century farmhouse she converted into a rainbow paradise.

So how you doin’?  😀