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The Twitter machine is singularly unhelpful tonight so your guess is as good as mine.


Deer Munchies

We are, alas, off next week.

Well, it will give me a chance to rest up and concentrate on Basketball.  Also this weekend, Sepang between 2 and 1 am starting tonight.  It’s been busy for me as I’ve had a lot of appointments and guests and have written more than a few diaries these last few weeks.

As Sam Kinison said, “It never stops.  It just never stops.”

John Hargrove is a former Orca trainer who left the profession in 2012 and was memorably interviewed just a week after his resignation fot the documentary Blackfish.  He thinks Killer Whales are not suitable for captivity.

He’ll be on to talk about his new book, Beneath the Surface.

The real news below.


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