Oct 01 2015

The Daily Late Nightly Show (Oliver!)

The New Kid

Risk Diss

Trevor, you better not play me.  Here it is the Wattle, the symbol of our land.  You can put it in your pocket.  You can hold it in your hand.  Australia!  Australia!  Australia!

Though America del Sur works almost as well.

Tonight Trevor is hosting that overstuffed sack of pus, Chris Christie, who is, unfortunately, his first political guest.

I say unfortunately because he’s not yet at that 2.5% threshhold of support that will get him a seat at the CNBC adult table with such luminaries as The Donald and I strongly suspect it is but a matter of moments before he retires to New Jersey with his not so unique brand of bullying bluster and makes their lives miserable until they have that good sense to dump him.

This week’s guests-

The New Continuity

Wet Spot

Tonightly we will be talking about Taxes (That’sa where he lives, Dollars Taxes) with panelists Mike Yard, Marina Franklin, and Robert Reich.

The Dancing Man

I must admit I’m really looking forward to this one.  John Oliver kicks ass and chews bubblegum and he’s all out of bubblegum.  Best show of the week and I haven’t even seen it yet.  Stephen’s other guests are Elizabeth Gilbert, and Bill Withers and Ed Sheeran.

This week’s guests-

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