Oct 07 2015

Dispatches From Hellpeckersville-A Gun Story

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Twenty years ago I had a much different life, one that I walked away from, and I don’t look back all that often, but tonight I’m going to, so I can tell you all one of my gun stories. I’m not anti-gun, but I’m damn wary of ’em because none of my gun stories are pretty. I mean the ones I have personal knowledge of.

I used to have a very good friend who lived a few miles from me, in what I would call the boonies. What I mean by that is that there’s at least half a football field between houses and woods out back, sometimes some woods between houses too, narrow winding roads. I lived behind a shopping mall right off the highway, but the boonies weren’t five minutes away, she was divorced, living alone back there after, so she had a gun, a handgun. Well, who could blame her? Not me.

Now, she was a fun loving gal, and we used to party hard together, and before too long she started bringing a guy around regularly. They were a great couple, very social, except one thing–they would get into epic, crazy fights. Screaming, throwing shit, getting out of cars on busy highways kind of fights. Most of this happened off-stage so to speak, except the car one, I was in the car for that, and for a moment I didn’t know if she was trying to catch him or run his ass over.

I’m guessing at this point I don’t need to tell you she wound up shooting him, do I? I wasn’t there. They were fighting. She winged him. I talked to her on the phone, she didn’t know what charges she was facing or what. It was going to depend on what he had to say. Was he charging at her? Did she have cause to fear? She’s on the phone freaking out, and him? He wants to come…to her house. For some strange reason the cops don’t want him to do that. Huh.

The whole thing was a mess. The best thing I can say is that he wasn’t hurt bad, and her ass didn’t go to jail, but the aftermath still wasn’t pretty. From what I read, a good portion of the people who discharge their personal firearms wind up doing so on somebody they know. A lot of the times with much worse results than my friend. Hers is the best gun story I know, and it sucked.

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