Nov 01 2015

The Sunday Round-Up

It shouldn’t come as surprising to anyone who has two firing brain cells that some of our politicians and pundits are self-centered, vacuous elitists. This past Sunday’s appearances and commentary was no different.

Newly anointed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) was all over the networks and cable talk shows complaining about the stench that his predecessor left in Paul’s new digs, telling Meet The Press‘s Chuck Todd, “ You know when you ever go to a hotel room or get a rental car that has been smoked? That’s what this smells like.”  On Fox Sunday, he defended his senseless stand on paid family leavefor me, not for thee.”  Nor will he be bringing an immigration bill to the floor because “Obama.” But he will try to repeal Obamacare, ad nauseum. The only difference between former Speaker John Boehner and Ryan is that Boehner recognized the disaster of a government shutdown and used it as a negotiating point to get the White House to cave to some of the Republican’s other demands. Paul Ryan would like nothing more than to shutdown government permantly.

Erstwhile GOP presidential candidate and former teenage knife wielding thug now brain surgeon, Ben Carson, was unhappy with the last debate. He prefers a whine and cheese format with just opening and closing statements from the candidates, no questions from the pesky  media. Washington Post pundit, George Will, on this today’s Fox News Sunday, wants moderators who are sympathetic to Republicans.

O Jeb!, poor Jeb! he’s been talking to God but he has a “backbone, a heart and a brain.” I’m not so sure about the brain part, at least the functioning cerebellum. It seems that his latest religion, Catholicism, tells him that the reason the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime is because we wait too long to execute people on death row, Yup, Jesus said kill them faster.


Then their is the GOP answer to Hillary, failed and fired CEO who hasn’t held a job since, Carly Fiorina is upset that the “liberal feminists” are mocking her appearance but not Hillary’s. I guess she’s never seen the sexist attacks on the former SOS or what she has been called in the social media . Cry us a river, Carly.

Last but not least, our recently departed Speaker of the House, Merlot and tobacco besotted Catholic, John Boehner, who has declared it was God’s plan that Paul Ryan become Speaker. Check his alcohol levels, O2 saturation and get a CAT scan.

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