Dispatches From Hellpeckersville-Sick And Sad

I’ve been sick and in pain for the last several days. Unable to stand and work, with my computer chair being the most comfortable, I find myself bombarded by bigotry and hate on facebook. I don’t want to be this angry, but I am. I call some of the people posting this bullshit friends, hell, some of them are family.

Now, I know what you’re thinking–get off facebook! Yes, of course, I could do that, but it’s been my portal to the world for some time now. I’m quite isolated here in Hellpeckersville. Plus, I have that group that needs looking after. If I don’t check in on that several times a day I’ll be spammed from here to hell and back. Most importantly–my chosen family is there. The people who have been there for me, who I’ve shared my life with for years. We talk daily. I can’t do without them. So there I am, growing sicker and sadder at what I see.

Fear has won. People are beyond reason. I have a cousin that may never speak to me again, and I’m going to have to be okay with that. I put a status up, and I meant every damn word of it.

If you’re posting about calling your reps to turn away refuges, if you’re posting memes saying keep them out, that they’re not welcome here? Don’t ever again tell me that you’re a patriot or a Christian, because your attitude is the very antithesis of both of those things, and I will call you out for the hypocrite that you are.

How dare I?

Well, I’ll tell you. I may be a sinner and a heretic, but I know how we’re supposed to treat the least amongst us.Telling them there’s no place for them here ain’t it. I may not wear a flag pin or have a spanky bumper sticker, but I know that fear and bigotry are not American values. No, I can’t tell people how to think, apparently that’s up to Fox News and the fear-mongering GOP, but I can tell them that while they’re surely entitled to their opinion, hate will never sit well with me. No matter how you try to rationalize your bullshit, it still stinks.

I’ll leave you with this…


    • triv33 on 11/18/2015 at 20:04

    Any questions?

  1. i can’t even put into words how frustrating the past few days have been… man, i don’t remember this much hatred, i don’t think ever… it’s unbelievable… and i’m not gonna back down fighting it either… sigh…

    really, climate change can’t kill us off fast enough is what goes through my mind sometimes…

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