Dec 30 2015

Dispatches From Hellpeckersville-Resolutions 2016

2015 get your ass going, you sucked! Sure, there were a few good things, Baboo made the honor roll, Dan starred in his school play, I sold my first piece of art, things like that. But, sickness, death, grief, that was just soul-suckingly, hideously, bad. I’m done with with it, midnight on the 31st can’t come too soon. And on that note, on with the resolutions!

1. I’m going to get my binge on. A while back I swore off watching anything that continued. Wrap that shit up in an hour or I’m not watching. Tune in next week? No, I can’t commit to that, I might even be dead, who knows? Besides, I had been burned one too many times by shows that left me on a season ending cliff hanger that just stayed hanging. So, I refused to watch anything that hung. Now, I DVR, but I’ve yet to watch. I have an entire second season of Fargo, and by the end of today, Mr Robot. I also have several other entire runs of shows, and Amazon and Netflix. Why the hell do I sit and watch reruns of bullshit instead of all of these great shows? I’m really not sure. I resolve to binge. No, really.

2. The spending spree is over. Last year I spent ever spare cent I had, and a few I didn’t on art supplies and games for me and the kids. We’re decently supplied now, it’s time to play. We’ll only need the occasional refill on this or that now, and paper, but that’s nothing. Last night we sat around the table and did scratch boards, tomorrow we’ll play games. There are going to be lean times ahead and I want to show them you don’t need money to have fun. I mean, yes, the game cost money, but you can spend money once to see a movie or once to buy a game with lots of re-play-ability, that’s the difference.

3. I’m done talking to people on the right about anything serious. Nothing beyond “Why, yes, it is kinda chilly in here.” or, “No, I find this cheeseburger delicious.” Let’s face it, at this point, they’re beyond reason. I just read where some guy shot himself in the ass by mistakenly grabbing his gun instead of his wallet and trying to put it in his back pocket. So I’m just going to guess this thing was laying around, loaded, safety off and–BAM! This is where we are now. And nobody bats an eye. These aggressively ignorant teabillies who think if they just keep voting for the assholes who will give bigger breaks to the corporations and banksters those fucking “illegals” will get on outta here and the jobs will magically reappear. You can’t talk to them, you can’t tell them they just voted for the guy who just made it easier for the guy to send their job away, to make their wages lower, to make it shittier for all of us, no. I’m done even trying. How’s that burger? mm mm mm

4. I’m going to try to spend less time online. I used to kind of have hours to kill, just sitting at the table with Mom, and now I don’t. I have other things I could be doing, and I want to do, I’m spending time online out of habit, that’s got to stop.

I hope that 2016 is going to be full of new and better things for me, and for all of us. Art, music, poetry, movies, anything that makes us happy~


  1. triv33

    And just having a better time in general, that’s the plan.

  2. poligirl

    totally agree about 2015 – good fucking riddance to it! the high points were so few and the low points were the worst points in my life…

    i’m not doing resolutions though… i generally resolve to do things at different points of the year and that will have to suffice… glad you are binge-ing though – some shows are worth the binge… 😀

    and one more fuck off to 2015… 😮

    1. triv33

      fuck off indeed. we deserve better.

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