Dec 30 2015

Holiday Rave 3

Of course we were semi-pro also. Did a number of weddings and 1 or 2 School Dances. Let me tell you there is no tougher crowd than kids. If it’s not in the Top 40 RIGHT NOW! they’re just not interested even if it was in the Top 40 last week.

He got involved in local Republican politics (kind of why we grew apart although now he admits they’re all pretty much idiots) so for a few years we did Lincoln Day dinners or some such. Easy peasey, 2 hours of New Age and Steely Dan during dinner, 50s, 60s, and 70s Easy Listening and Ballads for dancing with just a few contemporary songs thrown in for those who weren’t quite dead yet. I always made sure the sound check rocked though.

Eventually his girlfriend/future wife took over for me. I was just as happy. There’s only so much Scotch you can drink, even if it is top shelf.

Bittersweet Symphony


Mr. Brightside

The Ground Walks

Say it ain’t so

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