Apr 30 2016

Obama’s Last Laugh

Tonight is President Barack Obama’s last White house Correspondent’s Dinner where he get to rib on the press, politicians and celebrities. One of those celebrities, turned politician, Donald Trump, will not be present tonight. He has been the target of the president’s barb’s in the past and most likely will be again. One of the Democratic candidates will be there, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), although no wearing a tuxedo. The gala is hosted by Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show.”

If you don’t have cable you can watch it here, along with us. The real fun starts at 9 PM ET.

Up Date: 8:30 PM ET

The President Obama and First Lady have arrived. As per C-Cpan, he is scheduled to speak at 10:20 followed by Larry Wilmore at 10:40.

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