Jul 01 2017

Who is this Paul McCartney guy anyway?

Unless you were born yesterday or, like my father Richard, think Romantic music is trash and Beethoven an atonal noise merchant (I’m 120 years plus, Dad is older than that) the talented and inspired Ann Lenox should require no introduction.

She has 8 Brit Awards (including 6 for Best Female Artist), 4 Grammys, an MTV Video Music Award (2002), a Billboard Century Award, an Oscar (Into The West, Best Original Song from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King), a Golden Globe, and been named “The Greatest White Soul Singer Alive” by VH1 which also named her #22 of the 100 Greatest Women in Music. She was named one of the 100 Greatest Singers (as in, Men included, take that Johnnie Mac) of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine. She’s never done a Super Bowl Halftime but she was featured in the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. She is the most commercially successful female British musical artist ever, having sold over 80 Million Records.

Lennox is also a political and social activist, appearing at Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Concert. She’s been a public supporter of Greenpeace and Amnesty International for many years. She was active in the campaigns to free Palden Gyatso and Ngawang Choephel. She’s been a part of the Burma Campaign to promote democracy in Myanmar. She’s long been involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, denouncing Pope Benedict XVI’s anti-condom campaign. In June 2010, Lennox was named as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for AIDS. In June 2011 she received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II and is now properly addressed as Dame Ann, though I suspect she doesn’t insist.

Which is why this is so funny-

‘I think I’m in with a chance’: Annie Lennox ‘scouted’ by US radio
Press Association
Friday 30 June 2017

(T)he message starts by saying that Kylie, who describes herself as the new music coordinator, “came across Lennox’s music online”.

She adds: “I really like what I heard.”

Kylie goes on to explain that she looks for “artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station”.

Lennox is asked to send over an MP3 of her latest single, which will then be sent to the station’s programme director “to see if he’s interested in putting it in rotation”.

The Scottish singer is also then asked about what “support campaign” she has for her latest single.

The message continues: “I only ask because we are connected to an artist development firm that can also get you onto 150 radio stations worldwide and provide support for press, video, retail, and licensing. The best part is, if they really like your music, they’ll cover all of the marketing expenses.”

It ends by saying: “Please let them know Kylie referred you and you should be in. Let me know your thoughts and be sure to send me that MP3!”

Dame Ann Lennox Music Online

She is one of those exemplary human beings who chose to put her success in her chosen career to work in order to benefit others. She is a true friend of Africa and of South Africa. Her Aids activism in general, and support for the treatment action campaign in-particular, contributed significantly to turning the pandemic around in our country.- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, November 2013

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