Jan 21 2018

Throwball Playoffs 2018 League Championships: Jaguars at Patsies

As I reminded myself by re-watching The Good Place episode Leap to Faith

Ok, let me stop right there because I’m not going to let you off that easy. The Good Place is really, really good and far funnier than you would expect a show about Ethical Philosophy to be. Jianyu Li/Jason Mendoza, a human, is an amateur DJ from Jacksonville and extremely dumb. He’s also a HUGE Jaguars fan. To taunt him Michael, a demon, tells him that when he gets to the actual Bad Place, his torture will be that he’s forced to watch Jaguar games for eternity because they are that terrible.

It’s not quite true. On paper the Jaguars have a better Defense than the Patsies and while Blake Bortles is not a future Hall of Famer at least Blake is not quite as bad a name as Derek and how good do you have to be?

On the other hand I’ve decided I hate the Patsies more than any other team in the NFL and Brady ain’t all that or even a bag of chips. He’s definitely going to The Bad Place (as are Kraft and Belichick) because he’s a cheat. Plus he has a hand injury that prevented him from practicing and it may or may not effect his performance today. As I mentioned the Jaguar Defense is quite sound and if the Patsies are to succeed they will need to move through the middle. If the Patsies can do that and get an early lead then they will probably win, but it’s not a sure thing by any means.

Now, about Kierkegaard. Existentialism is a sadly misunderstood philosophy which is not merely a joke about anxiety arising from the realization of an indifferent universe, though it often expresses itself in absurdist humor verging on nihilism. Rather it’s about one’s conduct in the absence of external restrictions, another expression of Socrates’ Invisible Thief paradox. “On 29 September 1841, Kierkegaard wrote and defended his dissertation, On the Concept of Irony with Continual Reference to Socrates“…


Huh? Wha? Oh no, I always paid attention in Philosophy, it’s fascinating. Søren had self esteem issues and a fraught relationship with Regine and never quite got over it. No, it’s Throwball that’s good for napping.

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