Oct 04 2018

2018 Senior League Division Championship Game 1: Braves @ Dodgers

You know, just writing that makes it clear, I have no dog in the Senior League this year. These are the two teams I hate the most. I can’t stand to watch either of them.

If you must the Dodgers are my least favorite team because they’re traitors. The Braves are Division rivals and I hate them just fine, but they’ve at least been loyal to Atlanta and since they have little enough else to brag about except the Coke Bottling Plant and the Airport I cut them some slack.

The Braves are standing up Mike Foltynewicz (your guess is as good as mine, R, 13 – 10, 2.85 ERA) and the Dodgers Hyun-Jin Ryu (R, 7 – 3, 1.97 ERA) who has a record of 1 – 0 and an ERA of 2.81 in the Playoffs.

Foltynewicz throws Sliders, Ryu throws all kinds of junk, Curves, Changeups, Cutters.


  1. ek hornbeck

    Vent Hole

  2. ek hornbeck

    Good time for a nap.

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