Oct 05 2018

2018 Junior League Division Championship Game 1: Yankees @ Red Sox

Lola strikes.

I suppose I should view this with greater anticipation but I’ve been watching Yankees / Red Sox all year (19 Games!). The sad thing is that these are the only two teams in post-Season I care about even a little.

The Red Sox will start David Price (L, 16 – 7, 3.58 ERA) against the Yankees’ J.A. Happ (L, 17 – 6, 3.65 ERA). Happ was 1 – 1 during his last post-Season in 2016 for the Blue Jays, giving up 3 Runs, 1 Dinger, and 2 Walks for a 2.70 ERA. Price had no wins or losses last year in 2 appearances pitching 6.2 Innings and an ERA of Zero. Price rarely throws Curves relying on Cutters and Changeups. Happ throws Fastballs (ok, sometimes Sliders and Changeups).