Oct 05 2018

2018 Senior League Division Championship Game 2: Rockies @ Brewers

Well that was a good nap. Rockies are down by one which is a big deal in a 5 game series but it was a road game and you kind of expect to lose those. The Brewers looked much more credible than I thought they were so this may be the year that makes Mel Famey waukus.

The Brewers will set Jhoulys Chacin (R, 15 – 8, 3.50 ERA) against the Rockies’ Tyler Anderson (L, 7 – 9, 4.55 ERA). Last year Anderson only pitched 1 Inning where he allowed 1 Home Run for 2 Runs overall and an enormous ERA of 18.00. He pitches Fastballs and Cutters.

Not exactly an impressive performance.

Chacin is untested in the post-Season, he’s a big time Slider guy.