Oct 09 2018

2018 Senior League Division Championship Game 4: Red Sox @ Yankees

Well, could be the last time I get to use this clip for a year.

Ok, the Red Sox crushed the damn Yankees last night in a game marked by managerial errors by
Aaron Boone who left Severino in waaay too long (also pitched him on too little rest). By the Top of the 5th it was 10 – 1 Red Sox and they went on to score 6 more. In the 9th Boone and the Yankees put in Austin Romine who’s on the roster as a Catcher (might as well have shifted Judge, who has an arm).

The good news is they had a game to give and they gave it. Boy howdy.

Now I don’t entirely blame Boone because leaving Pitchers in too long is a historical trait of the Yankees, as is paying too much for mediocre Pitchers and keeping them well past their expiration date.

Which brings us to CC Sabathia who will be starting tonight. I can hear your groans in Stars Hollow. Sabathia (L, 9 – 7, 3.65 ERA) is a feckless Pitcher I wouldn’t want starting in the Regular Season let alone an elimination game. His first Playoff experience was in 2001 and he’s appeared in 8 of them since. In 2017 he was in 2 games with a 1 – 1 record and threw 19 Innings (which is waaay too long) allowing 7 Runs on 16 Hits with 1 HR and 10 Walks for an ERA of 2.29. He throws Cutters and Cutters and Cutters. Also Sliders.

The Red Sox will field Rick Porcello (R, 17 – 7, 4.28 ERA). He’s a post-Season veteran too with 6 years experience. So far in the Division Series he’s pitched 2 scoreless Outs of Relief. In 2017 he appeared in 2 games with no decision for 4 Innings where he allowed 2 Runs on 5 Hits and 3 Walks for an ERA of 4.50. He has 4 pitches but throws mostly Fastballs and Sliders.

Neither one a prize if you ask me, tonight is a matter of who wants it least. Either way we will worship at the altar of the Great God Citgo once again.