Oct 18 2018

2018 Junior League Championship Game 5: Red Sox @ Astros

I’ll not kid you, the Red Sox could end it right here and that would be fine with me since I could worship at the altar of The Great God Citgo in the Series (this is a Series, League Championship, there is only one Series). Up 3 games to 1, who could possibly screw that up?

Bill Buckner, 1986.

It’s hard to fault the man, it was the 10th Inning and both his ankles were shot- no bowlegged jokes from me.

So the winning run is at second base, with two out, three and two to Mookie Wilson. [A] little roller up along first… behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight, and the Mets win it!Vin Scully

One strike away.

I watched this live at my abusive brother-in-law’s house. Abusive? He beat my sister, threw her down a flight of stairs (at least once), and constantly denigrated her in public and screamed and berated her in private. He threatened to kill me with a knife (he said it was just a joke, didn’t feel like that to me). The only excuse the niece and nephew offer for visiting him (which they do dutifully) is that he’s now a sad, lonely old drunk with severe health problems and is basically bankrupt. Heck a few Ek’smases ago his girlfriend tried to strangle him with a string of lights.

Seriously. They took her away in cuffs. Ah, Stars Hollow, nothing ever happens here.

Once my sister divorced him I cut all ties (not that I was very close anyway) and now we see each other at funerals where we both pretend nothing is wrong with this picture. My sister thinks I’m a fool but I refuse to surrender my dignity just to avoid him.

But back to the basement Pool room, he was a huuuge Sox fan and understandably irked by this development. There was gnashing of teeth and rending of garments (he tore the bill off his $40 same as the Players wear Cap), he was armed with a Pool Cue and between me and the door. I was not happy, ok I was but I tried not to show it and fortunately the result was that he forgot I’d just run the table on him in short order as payback for the numerous times he pocketed all but the Eight which he bounced around to taunt me. I’m really good at Pool but my eyesight was really bad until I had that corrected with lens implants, remind me to tell you about that sometime.

But back to Baseball. Yes the Red Sox can lose but they will do so in Fenway, under the Green Monster, in 7. For the ‘Stros it is the only way.

The ‘Stros will pitch Ace Justin Verlander (R, 16 – 9, 2.52 ERA). He’s been strong for them, winning both his starts, one in the Division Championship and one in the League Championship. He’s thrown 11.1 Inning this post-Season allowing 4 Runs on 4 Hits with 6 Walks, collecting an ERA of 3.18. He pitches Heat almost exclusively with mostly Sliders for variety. He can also throw a Curve.

The Sox will respond with Ace David Price (L, 16 – 7, 3.58 ERA). Sure he seems as good on paper as Verlander but it’s a CC Sabathia kind of record. In the Division Championships he lost his start after only 1.2 Innings and followed with futility in the League Championship where he lasted but 4.2. All together he’s allowed 7 Runs off 8 Hits with 3 Home Runs and 6 Walks for an ERA of 9.95.

Not so good.

He throws Fastballs and Cutters which he mixes with Changeups.

Sox better bring their bats tonight if they expect to win, which of course they don’t need to.

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  1. ek hornbeck

    Over. 3 RBI Home Run, Top 6th. 4 – 0 Sox. See you in Bean Town.

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