Throwball Conference Championships: Scams at Aints

Time to get your hate on.

We are now at that part of the post-Season where the contestants start to match the “official” title hype. There is no doubt that the two teams that emerge from the Conference Championships will advance to the Super Bowl (LIII I think) and represent the NFC and the AFC.

No underdogs today, the top rated teams from both Conferences will meet in the finals and I have definite preferences who co-incidentally also happen to be the top rated teams. I like them despite that.

The Aints are definitely better connected to their community, especially in the wake of Katrina. You constantly read stories (pushed out by NFL propaganda) of their noblesse oblige to the sections of New Orleans that are still devastated 14 years later.

The Scams on the other hand ditched Los Angeles in a temper tantrum over Stadium subsidies, carpet bagged to St. Louis to run their con there, found out that St. Louis is rightiously more into Baseball than Throwball, and in the face of declining revenue and empty seats crawled back on their hands and knees to exactly the same facility they had denounced as unworthy of their magnificence.

Quisling scum.

The Scams have a running game. That’s pretty much it. The Aints have a Drew Brees who, while not better than Aaron Rodgers, is arguably superior to that preening poppycock Brady and his cast of cheaters.

So my money is on the Aints though everyone expects it to be a close game.


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  1. Rams 1st & 10 inside Saints 10

  2. Rams 2nd & Goal at Saints 5

  3. Rams 3rd & Goal at Saints 2

  4. Rams 4th & Goal appears just short of goal line

  5. Rams punt for 3 points to tie the game

    Saints 2o – Rams 20

  6. FG Scams. Tie Game

  7. Rams kick off to Saints

    Saints 1st & 10 at own 30

  8. Saints 2nd & 5 on 35

  9. Saints 2nd & 5 on 38

  10. Saints 1st & 10 on own 44

  11. Saints 1st & 10 at Rams 13 at the 2 minute mark

  12. Saints incomplete pass 2nd & 10

  13. Saints incomplete on 4th down . Flag on play

  14. Saint punt for FG Good

    Saints 23 – Rams 20

  15. Saints kick off to Rams for a Touchback

    Rams 1sdown at own 25

  16. Rams 2nd & 10 onan Incomplete pass

  17. Rams 1st & 10 for 19 yd completion

  18. Rams 2nd & 10 on 44

  19. Rams ball on New Orleans 49
    3rd and 3

  20. Rams ball on New Orleans 33
    1st and 10

  21. Rams 2nd &6

  22. FG. Aints 23 – 20 1:41 to Play

  23. Rams 4th & 6on incomplete pass.

    Kick for 48 yd FG

    Saints 23 – Rams 23

  24. FG. 15 seconds Tie Game

  25. The game is tied at the end of regulation. Game goes into OT

  26. OT. Aints Receive.

  27. Ugh, it seems that if nobody gains advantage in OT we play a whole full new game starting now.

  28. Aints from their 26

  29. Saints recieve ball on own 26. 2nd & 10 after incomplete pass

    Pass interference 1st & 10 on own 40

  30. INT. Scams at their 47

  31. Ball intercepted by Rams on own 46. Next score wins

  32. Rams 2nd & 13

  33. Rams 4rd down at Saints 40

  34. Rams 4th & 7. Rams will kick FG for the win

  35. Rams FG is GOOD and are going to the Super Bowl

  36. FG. Scams 26 – 23

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