2019 Junior League Division Championship Game 2: Rays at ‘Stros

I just don’t think the ‘Stros are all that. Same thing I said about the Twins applies to the Rays, you’re looking to split on the road and you’re halfway there- you have a loss.

  • Bottom 5– Walk. 2 RBI HR. Single. Double. Error 2 Runs Score. ‘Stros 4 – 0.
  • Bottom 7– Walk. Steal. RBI Double. Rbi Double. ‘Stros 6 – 0.
  • Top 8 Single. Sacrifice. RBI Single. RBI Double. ‘Stros 6 – 2 Final. ‘Stros lead Series 1 – 0.

Everyone’s gushing about Verlander, he can’t pitch every day. The Rays are a light hitting team too. Yes the Grapes are sour, but they’re delicious.

Late, late tonight (I will be watching SNL if I’m conscious at all) Gerrit Cole (R, 20 – 5, 2.5 ERA) will take the hill for the ‘Stros. He’s been in 3 Post Seasons appearing in 5 games for 29 Innings and a record of 2 – 3. He’s allowed 13 Runs and 5 Home Runs with 5 Walks against 31 Ks for an ERA of 3.72. He throws Heat but not so often, usually filling with Sliders and Curves.

The Rays will try Blake Snell (L, 6 – 8, 4.29 ERA). He’s never played Post before but is a 4 year Vet with a lifetime 3.24 ERA. He barely throws the Fastball and makes his living with Curves and Changeups. Good luck with that, sincerely.