2019 Junior League Division Championship Game 2: Twins at Yankees

C’mon, you knew it was coming.

You know, they don’t call them the Bombers for nothing.

  • Top 1– Solo Shot. Twins 1 – 0.
  • Top 3– Solo Shot. Twins 2 – 0.
  • Bottom 3– Single. Single. Sacrifice. RBI Double. Walk. Sacrifice. Ron on Error. Yankees 3 – 2.
  • Top 5– Double. RBI Single. Tied.
  • Bottom 5– Walk. Wild Pitch. HBP. Walk. 2 RBI Double. Yankees 5 – 3.
  • Bottom 6– Solo Shot. Solo Shot. Yankees 7 – 3.
  • Bottom 7– Walk. Steal. Walk. Double Steal. Walk. 3 RBI Double. Yankees 10 – 3 Final. Yankees lead Series 1 – 0.

Some pretty fancy base running in that 7th. They didn’t need the Homers, the game was over in the 5th.

Don’t despair Twins fans, it was at the Stadium and it’s a big house. Return home with a split and you’ll have homefield advantage over the Yankees. Hey, stranger things have happened, never thought the Nats would pull one out against the Dodgers.

The Yankees will be putting Masahiro Tanaka (R, 11 – 9, 4.45 ERA) out there and he’s really good. Three years in the Post Season appearing in 5 games for 30 Innings he’s got a record of 3 – 2 and allowed 5 Runs with 3 HRs and 7 Walks against 25 Ks for an ERA of 1.50. He’s an old school Japanese pitcher and throws all kinds of junk, in order pf preference Sliders, Fastballs, Splitters, Curves, Cutters, and Changeups. Phew.

To say Randy Dobnak (R, 2 – 1, 1.59 ERA) of the Twinsis not a household name is to put it mildly. He’s appeared in 9 Major League games at all with a record of 2 – 1 for 28.1 Innings pitched. He’s allowed 9 Runs with but a single Yarder and has 5 Walks to 23 Ks for a 1.59 ERA. He throws Fastballs mixed with Sliders and Changeups.