Mar 22 2020

What Do You Mean No Sports?

Richard is taking the dearth of new material rather hard and e-Sports are no substitute though he’s trying to learn to like them.

Me? I like weird stuff anyway. This is the Finals of the World Professional Darts Championship. I watched it first run on BBC. It’s different.

I happen to play and while I can throw Tons and 180s I don’t because I also hustle by sandbagging my League. I’m rated a 2 which is not particularly good but because it’s based on odd accomplishments like that (my rating actually means I can be counted on to throw about 2 Tons or 80Tons per Match, so not very good at all really) I can keep it artificially low by throwing 98s (T18, T13, 5). The game I like to play is Cricket because I generally hit what I aim at. I keep my targets in the Top Half during League play so that when I’m unmonitored I can go for it.

It’s technically possible to close out a 501 Game in 9 Darts.