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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2023: First Four Play Ins – Round 1

Our partner and Chief Editor ek hornbeck is no longer with us to work his HTML magic for posts to keep up with all the games, men’s and women’s. It is now left to me and I hate HTML, plus I still have a full slate with my job. I am currently in Southeast Turkey. …

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Happy π Day

Re-posted for obvious reasons. Happy 143nd Birthday, Dr. Einstein ~ TMC π (Pi), how could we live without it. So let’s celebrate π on it’s day 3.14, which now celebrated around the world. As you remember from grammar school math, π is the mathematical constant consisting of the main numbers 3, 1 and 4. According …

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What’s Cooking : Pie for Pi Day

I now know how MSNBC host Rachel Maddow feels when she has to scrap a well prepared program for the latest insanity coming from the madhouse around the world. However, I am determined to do some lighter postings. You can ketch up with the chaos the news shows. March Madness 2023 begins tonight with the …

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