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Republican Debate #11; Now There Are Four

Tonight is the eleventh Republican debate and, as Matt Taibbi noted , we have a sobriety problem. Only four of the original nineteen candidates will take the stage tonight after retired brain surgeon Ben Carson announced Wednesday that he would not participate since after the Tuesday primaries he saw “no path forward.” He hasn’t formally …

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Republican Debate III- Little Monsters of the Kiddie Table

So last year on Curse of Oak Island they found a Spanish Penny from 1652, the dye test was a complete failure, AND (by the way) they found the corner of a subterranean room covered in a concrete type substance! I am sure that this season they will discover the lost Ark of the Covenant …

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The Great Debate: A “Serious” Critique

Keith Olbermann and comedian Christian Finnegan discuss the Republican Candidates debate for the comedic aspect of the event. As cogent as any analysis I’ve heard today.