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Nov 08 2017

The Day After The Backlash (Up Date)

A lot of people are waking up today with hangovers, some for good reasons, some for not such good reasons. The unexpected route of Republicans by substantial margins in Virginia’s election last night had even left leaning pundits amazed but definitely smiling. No one had predicted the margins by which Ralph Northam and his Democratic …

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Nov 07 2017

2017 Election Night Results

The polls have closed in Virginia and we are awaiting the first results in the race for governor, lieutenant governor, state attorney general and 100 state house seats. The polls in New Jersey close at 8 PM ET and in New York at 9 PM ET. There is one down ballot race that has some …

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Jun 20 2017

Special Election 2017: GA-6 and SC-5

Up Date 22:30 Karen Handel has been projected as the winner of the GA-6 Congressional District. Up Date 21:30 Both the NYT and MSNBC have Handel leading Osoff by 3 points, 51% – 49%, with 60% of the vote counted. Up Date 21:15 The NYT and MSNBC are projecting Republican Ralph Norman has won the …

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