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19th Amendment Centennial: 100 Years of Women Voting

One hundred years ago today the 19th Amendment was ratified when the Tennessee General Assembly, by a one-vote margin became the thirty-sixth state legislature to ratify the proposed amendment, giving women the right to vote in US federal elections. It took 70 years of struggle by women of the Suffrage Movement headed by Susan B. …

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Is An End To This War In Sight?

I’m not talking about Afghanistan or Iraq, although it would be nice if we had a president that could keep his word about ending these conflicts. No, I speak of the War Between the States, the US Civil War that is still raging on in many states one hundred fifty two years after General Robert …

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Sunday June 9, 2013: Up with Steve Kornacki Tweets

Hello. A programming note: Today was a decent show, but sadly, Saturday’s shows are kind of a waste of time for me since there is meaningless Congressional baseball talk(without the same caliber talk of reforming it or killing the filibuster) and hour long discussions about New jersey politics and Chris Christie I think are unwarranted. So therefore, I am going to be doing strictly a Sunday series on this now. That is when we talk about real shit like warrantless phone-tracking, warrantless surveillance, and the NSA as we did today.

It’s sadly not just me. In fairness, what I am interested in and what Steve is interested in are two different things. Chris Hayes shares my same interests and Steve does not. I like discussions about policy, and I’m just not getting enough of that. Besides, Sunday is enough to not abandon the #Uppers people who do appreciate what I tweet. I may or may not tweet on Saturday, but the tweets won’t be collected. So here we are on #Uppers.

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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Alcohol

America has a long interesting history with alcohol that dates back to the Pilgrims running through what really started the American revolution to Prohibition. The Discovery Channel began a three part series, “How Booze Built America,” that examines the history of alcohol in the American culture. Mike Rowe, the series host, spoke on MSNBC’s The Cycle about the series and making history fun.

Did you know that the Puritans landed the Mayflower early on Plymouth Rock … because they ran out of beer? Or that Johnny Appleseed was actually creating farms to sell hard apple cider?

It was all the fault of demon rum.