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I’ll Have The Globalization Special

“Would you like that obamasized, sir?”

Although it received very little coverage in the mainstream media, Barack Obama made some comments about globalism during his speech in Mumbai, India that were very eye-opening.  As he was discussing the new realities of world trade in 2010, Obama warned against “those who see globalization as a threat” and he spoke of the “integrated world” in which we all now live.


For the past two decades, all U.S. presidents have been heralding the benefits of merging the American economy with the rest of the globe.  George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have all steadfastly supported the emerging one world economy.


Barack Obama showed very clearly how he feels about globalism when he made the following statement during his speech in Mumbai….

“This  will keep America on its toes. America is going to have to compete.  There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see  globalization as a threat and those who accept we live in a open  integrated world, which has challenges and opportunities.”