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Sep 15 2011

Insurance Blues, or why I am in abject Pain Now 20110915

Most of you that read my pieces know that I was arrested for a heinous crime in 2006, the accusation being false.  I was cleared in court via DNA, but that was not good enough.

I have not worked at all since then, and have been tapping out my hard earned, and long saved retirement funds.  To add insult to injury, I have had to pay income tax and a 10% penalty on drawing those funds.  At the rate that I am burning them, I will be a pauper before retirement age.

But that is not the topic exactly.  My immediate problem is that I think that I have a dental abscess, with my entire face hurting on the left side tonight.

Nov 07 2010

A Winter’s Tale

Tonight Eastern Standard Time will begin.  Again.  And that, around here, is the dreaded beginning of horrible Winter.  This, after all, is Upstate New York.  I’m nestled against the Massachusetts border.  And the beginning of Eastern Standard Time fills me with utter dread.

What stands between me and actual, below zero winter?  First, deer hunting season.  A very few hunters, fewer by far than a decade ago, will stagger drunkenly into the woods before dawn and send the grotesquely overpopulated deer into an unparalleled panic and frenzy.  They’re already crazy because they’re in rut.  The deer will then run into the roads and into cars.  Why don’t they avoid the cars?  Two reasons: first, they think the roads are made of ice, so they’re afraid of running on them.  And second, there really is a  reason for the phrase “a deer in the headlights.”  This doesn’t begin explain why deer run into the sides of passing cars.  And it doesn’t explain why the shoulders of all of the roads are filled with deer eyes reflecting headlights and waiting for an unfortunate moment to run into the road.

Jul 09 2010

Gringo’s Guide To The World Cup, Final Final, Part 3, With Poll

How painful.  After Sunday’s final final final of the world cup finals in South Africa, life will probably return to normal on the planet.  After a month of almost daily futbol bliss, the workaday world returns: work (not between games), family, relationship, maintenance, vacations, etc etc.  Coming Monday looks to be particularly bleak.  There’s no futbol on the horizon, virtual or live, until the Fall of 2010, when to my utter relief European and South American futbol will resume.  Until then, there’s only off season trade rumors, contracts, transfers, the business of futbol meeting the twin engines of hype and business.

But put aside all of my drama, my foreboding.  This weekend has two televised gems for your delectation.  And this essay also has a poll.