Jul 09 2010

Gringo’s Guide To The World Cup, Final Final, Part 3, With Poll

(2 pm.  Consolation Game (Germany v. Uruguay) @ 2:30. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

How painful.  After Sunday’s final final final of the world cup finals in South Africa, life will probably return to normal on the planet.  After a month of almost daily futbol bliss, the workaday world returns: work (not between games), family, relationship, maintenance, vacations, etc etc.  Coming Monday looks to be particularly bleak.  There’s no futbol on the horizon, virtual or live, until the Fall of 2010, when to my utter relief European and South American futbol will resume.  Until then, there’s only off season trade rumors, contracts, transfers, the business of futbol meeting the twin engines of hype and business.

But put aside all of my drama, my foreboding.  This weekend has two televised gems for your delectation.  And this essay also has a poll.

In the World Cup, there is a game for third place.  That means that Uruguay will meet Germany on Saturday at 2:30 pm EDT.  Winner is third; loser, fourth.  If Germany’s heart has not been completely crushed by its meeting with Spain, if Germany can return to the form they had before their loss, this could be an exciting game.  Uruguay has played great defense throughout the tournament, and Diego Forlan is always exciting.  Always a threat to score. Always thinking.  I thought Uruguay would beat Netherlands.  That didn’t happen, so ever in the market for a real upset,  I pick Uruguay 1 – 0 Germany.

I guess I just don’t like the German team.  On Wednesday, I was in NYC.  The first bar I went to to escape the 100 degree heat had lots of German fans wearing German jerseys, applauding the German defense.  This is something I don’t like: to me it felt like they would have cheered the Maginot line.  OK.  I have some issues.  So at half time, I left that pub, walked up the block, and found one in which Spanish and Spanish speaking fans had located themselves.  Perdon.  But this was far more conducive to my futbol enjoyment.  They applauded and yelled, blew whistles (this is not Germanic behavior), yelled at the screen, and generally comported themselves in a fashion I can relate to.  That it was 100 degrees outside seemed made them more simpatico.  So, I have to hope in my heart that Uruguay and its excitement and passion can beat this very well playing  machine.

Which brings me to Sunday, 2:30 pm EDT.  The final, final, final winner takes home the World Cup and casts the futbol fan into a world of darkness until June, 2014, when we do this again.

I know. I know.  Beginning in the Fall, there’s English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga.  There’s the Mexican league, Argentina, Brazil.  It all begins again.  The four year cycle begins all over again. It’s tremendous futbol.  It’s constant from early Fall until May.  I love it.  It’s even on satellite TV in the US.  But, folks, it just isn’t the same thing as the world cup.  In some way, I feel like I’m being offered a third beer.  Yeah I’ll take it, because I always do, but I really don’t want it badly.  Not badly at all. And the consequences are usually not that great.

I think Spain has been the best team of this tournament.  I think the Spanish midfield, especially Xavi, has been simply wonderful.  He may be the greatest player at this time.  I think David Vila and Iniesta and yes, Fernando Torres and a host of other stars deserve to win this tournament.  I think the Spanish defense has been wonderful.  I liked that goal on Wednesday.  I liked it a lot.   It will be their first ever world cup triumph.  I know there are a lot of fans of Netherlands/Holland/the Dutch, but there is no way that the Dutch team even with Van Persie, van Bommel, and Kuyt, and Robben is as powerful in the midfield and on the flanks and up the middle and in the back as Spain.  No way.  Yes, they’ve had a wonderful run.  But gnat, meet sledgehammer.  Spain 2 – 0 Netherlands.

Think I’m wrong?  Think I’ve overlooked something?  I know I didn’t overlook my own impending despair, I’m talking about missing something in the games.  That’s why they make comments and that’s why I made the poll.  Enjoy.    

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