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Jan 08 2018

On Neoliberalism, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cornel West

THIS Op-Ed at Truthout should be required reading. When you cut through the who, to the heart of the debate, the actual record of results, good policy is good politics. Too Terrified to Enter an Arena of Ideas? The Debate Over Cornel West’s Critique of Ta-Nehisi Coates Thursday, January 04, 2018 By Ejike Obineme, Truthout …

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Jan 23 2017

The “New & Improved!” Inspirational DNC Leadership?

The DNC Debate Proved the Democratic Party is a Lost Cause | #DNCdebate The Humanist Report Published on Jan 20, 2017 The Huffington Post’s DNC Chair debate wasn’t too eventful—none of the candidates argued, and there was no vigorous disagreements about anything—but nonetheless, it was still a disheartening event. All of the candidates, including Keith …

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Apr 26 2016

Not Easy Bein’ Green (Bernie or Bust versus Lesser Evil)

I while back in a piece called Playing the Medium Long Game I promised I’d make the case that Bernie, win big or lose big, is the Lesser Evil. Upon some reflection, me, calling Bernie the Lesser Evil is what the professionals call an inartful choice of words. I can live with that. It’s primary …

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Feb 06 2016

Getting Answers

Friday I was walking with some folks I know in the granite state about the “I’ll look into it” answer on the paid speeches. They told me they thought the question was brought up because of an op-ed by Ralph Nader in the Concord Monitor. I hadn’t seen that and thought it was a response …

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Jan 18 2016

Playing the medium long game.

There are plenty of versions MLK Jr’s Theodore Parker quote “The arc of history..” or “The arc of the moral universe… is long but it bends toward justice.” or “The moral arc of the universe… bends at the elbow of justice.” The “Bends at the elbow” version I hadn’t seen before last night when I …

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