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French Presidential Election Results

As per The Guardian, centrist Emmanuel Macron, 39, will become the next president of France. He trounced Marine La Pen, as expected, winning by a wide margin. The centrist Emmanuel Macron is the next president of France, defeating his far right rival Marine Le Pen by a comfortable 65.1% to 34.9%, according to a usually …

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French Presidential Election 2017: Round One (Update)

Update 20:45 CEST: François Fillon conceded defeat calling for his supporters to vote against the far-right that Marine Le Pen represents and endorses Emmanuel Macron. Update 20:35 CEST: The Guardian has an historic note about this election: (T)his is the first time in modern French history that neither of the mainstream centre-right or centre-left parties …

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French Presidential Election: Vive La France

On April 23 French voters will go to the polls to elect a new president. The French election of its chief executive is a direct election, unlike the US, which is determined by vote of the majority of the people. The winner must get 50%. If not, then in two weeks on May 7, there …

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