Aug 01 2010

Rant of the Week

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  1. TMC

    Yhis caused quite a stir in some places when someone had the “audacity” to suggest that Weiner run for President.

    Blasphemy. LOL

  2. joanneleon

    For awhile there I felt like a voice in the wilderness saying, WTF?, we can’t say things like “Weiner for President” anymore either?!?  All consideration of who we might like to see running for higher office must be suppressed until after 2012?

    I was so glad when I saw a lot of other people standing up to that nonsense, and when clammy weighed in.  There is some sanity left, after all.

    In some ways, it seems to be getting better as more people wake up and face the facts about our party leadership.  But in other camps, people are just getting more entrenched, more panicked and more irrational.

    I’ve never seen anything like it before.  But one person who I have a lot of respect for, and who is well versed in politics in this party and in activism, told me that this kind of thing is perennial.  He said that there are always authoritarians and fierce partisans who try to police the speech and ideas of the others.  And, he said, they always fail in the end.  But the past 2-3 years have been scary.  Even people who I thought were very reasonable and fair-minded, were doing and saying things (or supporting others doing it) that really took me aback.

  3. TMC

    those who are so loyal end up with egg on their faces blaming everyone else when the object of their affection falls from grace. There have been a few fervent Obama supporters who are now expressing their displeasure and disappointment at his mediocre agenda and They are now on the receiving end of the wrath they themselves dished out in the Primaries. Karma?

    I love clammyc. I’ve met him at a meet up here in NYC last year and had some great conversations at NN09. I am going to try to get to NN11 but in the meantime, perhaps we could arrange a get together of like minds. I didn’t go to the last two DK meet ups since I really don’t want a face to face confrontation with some of the loyalists who frequent those events.

  4. joanneleon

    Maybe someplace where we could include folks from NY, NJ, PA.

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