Apr 25 2012

Flaming Chunks of Twisted Metal

Not a lot of cable companies carry Al Jazeera TV, mine sure doesn’t.  This broadcast from yesterday takes a look at the fall out from this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Can Formula One unite Bahrain?

We ask if the race the country’s rulers called a “force for good” has been a human rights and public relations disaster.

Al Jazeera TV

23 Apr 2012

Joining Inside Story with presenter Shakuntala Santhiran to discuss this are guests: Ali al-Aswad, a former Bahraini opposition MP and member of the al-Wefaq Party; Mahjoob Zweiri, an assistant professor in Contemporary History and Politics of the Middle East at Qatar University; and Fahad al-Binali, a media official for Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority.

I’ve recently seen a commenter on one of my ‘usual suspect’ blogs describe Al Jazeera as just as much a slave to corporate interests as CNN, only they’re different corporations.  I think you know that my answer to the subtitle question is that it was BOTH a Human Rights AND Public Relations disaster.


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