Oct 06 2010

Prime Time

Well, last I remember Cylon Zoe was tearing apart a transport van in an acid trip remake of Short Circuit.  I’m still not sure how I feel about Caprica even after an entire season because of the ultimate failure of Galactica (and please, what a frakking cop out it was).  The only admirable characters are the Adamas and it’s kind of like rooting for the Corleones (not that I don’t root for the Corleones).  Stargate Universe is more of the same only now we have Lucian Alliance characters to wear red shirts and ignore.  And what was the point of the fantasy alien baby kidnapping sequence?  To make us feel better?  Babies die all the time, they can’t help themselves.  I don’t know why it was part of the plot in the first place.

I think sometimes writers don’t have a clue and just make stuff up for shock value and then try to dig themselves out of a hole.

A night of broadcast premiers none of which are remotely worth watching.


Dave hosts Tony Blair, Mavis Staples, and Jeff Tweedy.  Jon has Bruce Willis (unwatchable), Stephen Leon Botstein.  No Alton.

BoondocksGranddad’s Fight

Tony Blair-

  • Liar
  • Murderer
  • War Criminal

May he end his long, long life of suffering locked in a dank cell at Spandau, despised and forgotten.

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