Oct 07 2010


In simulation I like playing Craps because the odds are good on certain bets if you have a big enough wallet to sustain some modest losses.

You know, a system.

Mine is based on Place Bets and Buy Bets on the 5, 6, 8, and 9 and their favorable odds rate entirely depends on if they’re off during the Come Out roll (if you didn’t understand all of that you should stay out of dank back alleys and brightly lit casinos).

In the maths a Derivative is the rate of change on a curve and our Wall Street Croupiers have decided that they can securitize a bet on on that change and with a compliant Ratings Agency sell that to you as something with value.

They’re nucking futz.

When we talk about “de-leveraging” this is what we’re talking about.  This fictional valuation disappears as do your table stakes which is why you always take your winnings away.  There’s hardly any retail investment in equities because the market is crooked to the core.

Only sucker bets and quick money on the felt now.

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