Oct 26 2010

We can only hope

Or changiness, I forget which.

Blue Dogs Face Sharp Losses in Midterms

By GERALD F. SEIB, The Wall Street Journal

October 26, 2010

WASHINGTON-More than half the members of the Blue Dog Coalition-the organization of moderate to conservative Democrats in the House-are in peril in next week’s election, a stark indicator of how the balloting could produce a Congress even more polarized than the current one.

The upshot is one of the great political ironies of the year: A national conservative wave will hit hardest not at the most liberal Democrats, but at the most conservative Democrats. The Democratic caucus left behind will be, on balance, more liberal than it was before the election.

Within the Democratic party, many expect this process to produce a vigorous, perhaps nasty, internal debate about the ideological direction of the party. Already some on the party’s left are complaining that the centrists who will lose didn’t support the party’s signature legislative initiatives, such as the health-care overhaul, and that their departure should be seen as a sign the party would be better off pursuing a more liberal agenda that would please and fire up its base.

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