Oct 29 2010

Daily Features

Attentive readers will notice new buttons on the right labeled Daily Features.  It highlights the work of mishima, TheMomCat, and I.

It’s something of an experiment, I’d expect our readership to be using a scroll mouse or the keyboard or window buttons to scroll through all of our recent content, but perhaps you have a particular favorite and want to catch up.  If you find it useful, my grand concept for future development is to add a section highlighting our weekly regular contributions and move it all out of the way of our Twitter feed.

Now it gets more meta

If you examine my body of work you’ll know I’m a nut about scheduled blogging.  Not because I like being a nag, but because it’s a convenience to the reader.  When TheMomCat and I created this blog I resolved to myself that I’d just let things set themselves up organically.  What has developed is that we put up about 8 diaries between 6 am and 8 pm on the even hours.

Translator is a regular contributor, but not daily.  He usually submits his work after 8 pm on Fridays (Popular Culture) and Sundays (Pique the Geek), though he does post at other times.  mishima posts Random Japan on Saturdays at 4 pm.  TheMomCat posts Health and Fitness News Saturdays at 2 pm.  I post Monday Business Edition on… wait for it… Monday mornings and The Week In Review on Sunday mornings when I’m not distracted by Sports blogging.

Because you may think this blog is about politics, but it’s really about Formula One and Le Tour.

Our other contributors are more muse driven, and that’s ok.  What’s important to understand is we have an aggressive promotion policy to compliment our usual content.  If you have something you’d care to draw our attention to, please do.

Soapblox blogs can run 24/7/365.

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