Oct 31 2010

Get Out and VOTE!

“I’m still hanging on to this belief that when people go in that booth — they’re going to be mad at Obama, they’re going to be mad at the Democrats, you know, things haven’t changed, people still aren’t working, they’ve been out of work for two years, their house is getting foreclosed — but when they’re in that booth and the curtain closes and they look at that Republican name, I think a lot of people are just gonna go, ‘oyyyyy,’ I remember what those eight years were like.”

Peter Rothberg at The Nation point out that “ballots are confusing”.  You can bet they are. New York just began using paper ballots that are scanned. The ballot New Yorkers will be handed on Tuesday will have TWO SIDES, one with the candidates and the other with the ballot initiatives. There was a great deal of criticism in September when this system was introduced in the primary. I expect there will be even more gnashing of teeth this Tuesday. Most voters are resistant to change no matter who we may for.

Anyway Mr. Rothberg kindly provides link to a web site “which offers details on candidates, locations of polling places, relevant local laws and what your rights are when in case your vote is challenged.” Use them and help you neighbors and friends who might not be so computer savvy and then offer to take them to VOTE on Tuesday Nov. 2.

Do-It-Yourself Local Voter Guides

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