Feb 19 2011

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Essays Featured Saturday, February 19th:

  • Talk turns to The Splendor of Risotto in patric juillet‘s latest edition of Tales from the Larder.
  • Saturday Open Thoughts are a little blurry from Alma. 🙁
  • A new piece of Saturday Art! from mishima‘s talented hands.
  • davidseth is in Solidarity with Wisconsin Union Workers. Are you?
  • Firefly Memories 1.0 is where (normally)Alma takes a look back at some of the Brilliant essays of our first years posts, highlighting those which exemplify our firefly-dreaming spirit and mission. Alma has an eye problem so Dreamer is filling until she’s better.

    Today:happy birthday papa
  • Dreamer takes a look at the Mindless Eating concept. (at 7pm)

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