Sep 30 2011

2011 AL Playoffs- Devil Rays at Rangers

First of all, computer alert.  Not for you, it’s all about me.  I was installing some upgrades and had a very hard crash (though not a data crash, so it could be much much worse).  Anyway I’m on my loaned emergency laptop and while it’s a pain at least you’ll get something.

Though not too much, tonight you’ll mostly have to make your own fun.

Our opening game is Devil Rays v. Rangers.  I don’t know much about the Junior League because they don’t play Baseball but some kind of designated hitter derby that somewhat resembles Baseball.  I do know how to root which is against any team that has the slightest association with the Bushies (that would be the Rangers).

I know this is a great disappointment to my BoSox fan neighbors (pretty much everywhere in Connecticut except Fairfield County where they are Yankees all the way) who are still smarting with resentment over The Great September Fold.

All I can say is that as a Mets fan you get used to it.

I’ll not be following this game in particular very closely since I’m still up to my elbows in wires, nor can I promise the Yankees/Tigers matchup at 8:30 will get more attention unless I am successfull in my repairs.

I will however have it on in the background and will be trying to grasp the main themes.

As always your contributions are most welcome below.

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