Nov 23 2011

Turkey Day TV (Part the First)

It’s Holiday TV time again and just as every year the networks are junking up your schedule with special events replacing your regular shows.

I provide these diaries as a public service so you can find some distraction from the friends and relatives that if you really liked you would see more often.

This particular edition covers the cooking overnight period on Wednesday through the start of the Throwball games Thursday.  Special holiday liveblogs tomorrow are the Big Balloon Parade and both games.  Saturday and Sunday are the final Formula One races at Interlagos.  Other than that we’ll continue to maintain our regular schedule as closely as we can out of consideration for our readers.

Marathons are 4 half hour episodes or 3 hour episodes in a row and noted at the start, for current TV Listings I recommend Zap2it.  As always the shows I highlight are the ones I would consider watching, your tastes are probably different.

6 pm

7 pm

7:30 pm

8 pm

8:30 pm

9 pm

9:30 pm

10 pm

11 pm


12:30 am

  • ESPN2– Throwball, Giants @ ‘9ers (2010 repeat)

1 am

2 am

2:30 am

3 am

4 am

4:30 am

5 am

6 am

7 am

7:30 am

8 am

9 am

9:30 am

10 am

10:30 am

11 am

11:30 am


12:30 pm

1 pm

1:30 pm

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