Nov 25 2011

Turkey Day TV 3: Black Friday

What?  You’re not shopping yet?  Don’t you know the whole Capitalist system not to mention our Galtian Overlords’ Rolexes depend on you spending yourself into bankruptcy?

Well good for you.

Today is the 20th Annual ‘Buy Nothing’ Day™, sponsored by Adbusters of #OWS fame, where we rebel in small ways and save ourselves a lot of aggravation and hassle by staying home and maybe watching some TV.

Each time I do this I have to remind myself what works and what doesn’t because frankly a ton of research goes into each one.

What I’ve discovered this year is that the largest amount of time goes into making the passes from one end to the other of my 40+ channel hot list, so it’s actually more efficient to cover a longer period of time than it is to break up the task into multiple segments.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that 6 am seems to be the common reset point for the day’s schedule.  Very few Marathons roll over past that point though some of the movie oriented stations will have a feature that persists through the transition.  If you can’t find it listed you might try yesterday’s effort and for immediate updates you can go directly to my source- Zap2it.

If you click on the link under the network name you see all the shows for the day.  You simply need to cut and paste the ones you’re interested in under the appropriate time label and your outline is done.  Tomorrow I’ll bore you with how to make it look pretty.

This particular schedule covers from 6 am to 6 am Black Friday.

6 am

7 am

8 am

8:30 am

9 am

9:30 am

10 am

10:30 am

11 am

11:30 am


  • ABC– College Throwball, Iowa @ Nebraska
  • E!– Kardashians (Marathon until 4:30 pm)
  • ESPN– College Hoopies, Old Spice Classic, 76 Classic, NIT (Marathon until 7 pm)
  • FoodRestaurant: Impossible (Marathon until 11 pm, repeats at midnight, 1 and 3 am)
  • Turner ClassicSunday in New York

12:30 pm

1 pm

1:30 pm

2 pm

2:30 pm

  • CBS– College Throwball, Arkansas @ LSU
  • ESPN2– College Hoopies (Marathon until 3:30 am)

3 pm

3:30 pm

4 pm

4:30 pm

5 pm

5:30 pm

6 pm

6:30 pm

7 pm

  • AMCJurassic Park
  • ESPN– College Throwball, Pittsburgh @ West Virginia
  • Toon– Ben 10/Generator Rex Special (premier)

8 pm

8:30 pm

  • CBSThe Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story (World Premier)

9 pm

9:30 pm

10 pm

10:30 pm

11 pm


1 am

1:30 am

2 am

3 am

3:30 am

4 am

4:30 am

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