Apr 07 2013

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2013: Semifinal Game 2

My friend’s mother died recently.  Lung Cancer, she smoked like a chimney.

What the Mom did was give me shelter and sympathy when I went to her literally (not figuratively) crying after being thrown on the shower wearing a $200 wool suit I didn’t own by my “team” mates.


Oh, it’s ok, the coach laughed at me also.  I guess I was too gay (not, but you don’t have to be).

Anyway it made a big impact on me and when I moved to Syracuse my friend made sure I had a job and a place to stay (better actually, I had 3 rooms they a studio).

Now they are a Public Defender and I honor them in this kind of anonymous way not just because I may need to be bailed out (oh, ask me about Texas, Billy, Micky, and the Armadillo), but because they introduced me to the Dome.

It’s really fun to bounce around on the top.

Go Orange!


Seed Score Team Record Seed Score Team Record Region
(3) 39 Marquette 26-8 * (4) 55 Syracuse 30-9 East
(3) 59 Florida 29-8 * (4) 79 Michigan 30-7 South


Time Network Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
9 CBS (4) Syracuse 30-9 East (4) Michigan 30-7 South


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  1. ek hornbeck
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    Michigan vs. Syracuse

    The Wolverines are perhaps the most talented team left in the tournament. Their roster is stocked with future N.B.A. draft picks – despite their youth – and that was evident when Michigan came back to beat Kansas and crushed Florida last week. The Wolverines looked less like the team that stumbled near the end of the regular season and more like the preseason contender that the pundits expected. Syracuse has forced more turnovers in this tournament than it has allowed field goals, thanks to its 2-3 zone. You might have heard of it. The question is whether Michigan can shoot over or drive through or pass around that defense. If so, Orange crushed.

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    Syracuse has 5. Carter-Williams has two and 3 others have one each.

    Michigan has 3 on 3 players.

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