Welcome to the Fifth Estate

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I am an unnerd.  Meaning I do not have a cell phone and I do not know how to text or twitter.  But, I do know this.  The internet is the Fifth Estate.

When our forefathers set up our government, there were three branches of government.  This is a test.  You name the three branches of government.  And a free press was called the fourth estate.  A free press was supposed to keep the government in check.  However, at this point in our nation’s history, a free press controlled by the corporations has really not kept up to its vaulted position of keeping a watchful eye on the government, or themselves for that matter.

With the advent of the internet the arrival of websites such as thestarshallowgazette, dailykos, talkingpointsmemo, truthout among just a few, and I might add, just a tiny fraction of what is out there.  It has fallen upon us to create the Fifth Estate.  We are now the voices of the people, because we are the people.

It cannot be relied upon the current Fourth Estate to disseminate all the facts without the spin of political or corporate overtones.  More or less blatant subliminal messaging.  Propaganda, whatever.  I understand that not all websites display the truth and/or are filled with something other than politeness for all.  To each his own.  But, I sincerely believe there are more of us out here in the Fifth Estate that believe in doing the right thing.  The truth will prevail.

We have all this information gathering at our fingertips, cell phones, cameras, etc.  Can you imagine if Kennedy had been assassinated last week, just how many photos, video would have been available?  Then we would really know about the Grassy Knoll.  When we speak through the Fifth Estate, good things can and do happen.  Ask Rush about his advertisers for an example.  Newspapers are being purchased by large corporations and what Murdoch has done to the media in that regards does not bode well for what going to be in the local daily that arrives somewhere out by the corner under the juniper.

Call me cynical, but I have been cheated, lied to and downright robbed at some point in my life by corporations, especially large ones and having them control what I read with my coffee is not what I want to start my day.  I rely on the Fifth Estate for my search of the truth.  I read more than one website on any given issue or subject.  I read the comments on the stories, pro and con.  This is us folks.  We are the Fifth Estate.  Let’s protect it and use it for good for all.  Thank you.