Rant of the Week: “Will McAvoy” The Newsroom

Last year HBO debuted the series “The Newsroom” starring Jeff Daniels as a the very flawed anchor, “Will McAvoy“, of a popular nightly news hour on the fictitious cable channel ACN. Up until now, I have only used real people but I thought this rant was worth discussion.

This is a clip from  the “We Just Decided To” episode where “McAvoy” is asked by a college student at a “town hall,”  “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”

Trnascript can be read here

h/t Lambert Strether at naked capitalism


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  1. but I do watch this when I travel for work. I saw a first season marathon and caught most of it. I liked it. The focus was mostly on what stories they chose to cover.

    My takeaway was – Newsrooms as we wished they were.

    From what I’ve seen of season 2, I haven’t been impressed. Focus seems to have changed to character drama. Who’s dating whom.

    My takeaway on that – who cares.

    I wish television news was half as good as what I can find on-line. I’d love to check out Al Jazeera America but my AT&T cable pkg doesn’t carry it. 🙁

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