Connecticut Zimmerman Wannabe: Convicted.

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Landlord found guilty of killing tenant

Daniel Tepfer, CT Post
Saturday, August 24, 2013

BRIDGEPORT — A city landlord claimed he fatally shot an unarmed black man in self defense, but a jury found otherwise Friday, convicting him of murder.

Jimmy Cunningham, 41, had boasted prior to trial that, like George Zimmerman, he too would be found not guilty.

“I’ll be home having a steak dinner when this is over,” he boasted to court personnel in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear….

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As good as it is that they are sending this asshole to prison, it’s shameful that Connecticut, home of the Sandy Hook School Massacre, still has a Stand Your Ground Law that gives nut jobs like Cunningham the idea that it’s okay to shoot someone when you think you might lose a fight.

“I feared for my Life”

Sure he did.

It turns out Cunningham is a real prince. The details of his crime are just horrific. After shooting his victim he manhandles the body onto the cooler rack on the back of his Hummer. Doesn’t load him inside the vehicle to take him to the hospital. That would be too much work. He covers the guy with an old tarp and takes the extra looong way to the hospital. Witnesses saw an arm sticking out of the tarp dragging on the street. He takes a hard turn and the body falls onto the street where upon he decides to smack him around to see if he’s still alive. Sensing he’s not, he loads him back onto the cooler rack and secures him with bungee cords this time. Fearing police would shoot first and ask questions later, Cunningham decides to travel to his grandmothers house, park his Hummer in the woods and begins putting the body into plastic garbage bags.

“It started to rain and I wasn’t going to let him get nasty” he explained.


  1. it would be that Karma was real.

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