Oct 15 2013

2013 Junior League Championship: Boston @ Detroit Game 3

No question about it, by losing their first game Boston is forced to get a least a split in Detroit and the Tigers are very strong at home.

If you like high scoring games (and I do) Game 1 was a snooze fest with the only action in the Top of the 6th when Detroit was able to scrape up a Run after a Walk and a Hit By Pitch set them up with 2 On and 1 Out.  Could have and should have been a bigger inning but as it turns out the Sox had no comeback.  Tigers 1 – 0, lead the Series 1 – 0.

Game 2 was quite exciting with 11 scores between the teams starting in the Top of the 2nd with a Double and a Single that put runners on the corners 1 Out.  Martinez scored from 3rd on an RBI Single by Avila and then Infante grounded into a Double play to end the inning.

After that it was quiet until the Top of the 6th when the Tigers appeared to put the game out of reach with 4 more Runs, a Solo Shot by Cabrera, a Double, an RBI Double, and a 2 RBI Homer.  In the Sox 6th they managed to eek out a Run on a RBI Double leaving the margin at 4.

Then came Boston’s improbable 8th.  They started with a 1 Out Double and drew a Walk.  A KO put them 2 On and 2 Out when a clutch Single loaded them up.  And Ortiz hit a Grand Slam.

Now tied at 5 in the Sox 9th Detroit couldn’t buy an Out.  Leadoff Single with error.  Wild Pitch, 90 feet away.  Another Single with RBI and it’s time to get on the plane.  Sox 6 – 5, Series tied at 1.

For the Sox this is not exactly a comfortable place to be.  They could lose today and not face elimination, but you would imagine they’ll try really hard to guarantee at least one more game at Fenway.  They will be sending out John Lackey (10 – 13, 3.52 ERA R) to face (well, not face actually, this is the Junior League we’re talking about) Justin Verlander (13 – 12, 3.46 ERA R) who on paper is only marginally better and is certainly not the dominating Playoff Pitcher we have seen in recent post-seasons.

Now for those of you who like pie I’ll point out that TMC and I have different picks in this Series.  She likes cats, even big ones, and favors the Tigers.  I suspect her residing in the Five Boroughs might have a little influence also.  I’m mostly indifferent to Rounders and unlike many of my Stars Hollow neighbors I don’t hate the Yankees with the burning white hot passion of a thousand suns.  On the other hand I’ve watched games in worse places than Fenway and pay a passing sacrifice to The Great God Citgo when I happen to be traveling though the Cradle of the Revolution.

Just don’t get me started on Kraft and the Patsies.


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    Red Sox lead the series 2 -1  

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