2013 Senior League Championship: Cardinals @ Dodgers Game 4

If you’re a Dodgers fan you’ve got to be feeling a little happier about your prospects tonight.  As for me my biggest real problem with them is I don’t have a cute video I can use like Squirrels in my Pants the way I do for the Cardinals.

Now if you’re a Cardinals fan on the other hand you can’t be well pleased with last night’s game.  Wainwright didn’t pitch like a stopper (for those unfamiliar with the term a stopper is a guy who stops losing streaks by pitching shut outs and one runs) and Ryu did.  In the 4th Wainwright delivered up a Leadoff Double followed by a Sacrifice and an RBI Double.  Another Sacrifice and an RBI Triple and it’s 2 – 0 Dodgers.

They pulled Wainwright in the 8th for a pinch hitter (have I mentioned they never work?) and the Dodgers added insurance off the Bullpen with three 1 Out Singles in succession scoring a Run before Choate was able to shut down the rally.  Dodgers 3 – 0, trail in the Series 2 – 1.

Tonight once again the Cardinals have a chance to force 3 elimination games on the Dodgers.  The L.A. boys will be sticking with Ricky Nolasco (13 – 11, 3.70 ERA R) after flirting with the concept of sending out Zack Greinke or Clayton Kershaw on short rest.  The Cardinals will counter with Lance Lynn (15 – 10, 3.97 ERA R) who’s main claim to post-season fame is the 2 innings (with W) he worked in the Cards 13 inning Game 1 victory.

Hmm, maybe I do have a cute video for the Dodgers after all.


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